CORONA Times …

March 24th, 2020 In good times its easier to feel energised, engaged, and motivated. In tough times like we are going thru now, the simple things we take for granted like spending the 10 mins coffee break with our colleagues, listening to the radio or talking to friends during the long commutes, the lunch breaks … Continue reading CORONA Times …

Ode to the Queen of Hearts

Thanks, Manju for this beautiful and touching Ode to me … I will always treasure it


Idea Wisps

Out of a pair of twins,
a girl survived
She was born with a rare gift …
a gift to deeply love everyone she met

“Networking Queen “they call her,
but she is truly the Queen of Hearts
binding us all in her magic,
showering us with love

I want to give more, she says.
There are so many people out there
who need a helping hand and there are
even more who want to help
I’ll build the world’s biggest network
to connect them all

She is a rare gem
in a world full of greed
A salute to a beautiful woman
who lives with so much grace

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